Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Giveaway of Many 4s: WINNERS

Oh hi.

So, after much deliberation--

Okay, that's a lie. There was zero deliberation. These winners were chosen completely at random.

First of all: thank you to everyone for your entries. I was completely stunned by your response and kept checking the blog/GR/tumblr/etc., letting my jaw drop, closing the window, and then checking again. I think you guys broke blogger, and I am seriously impressed. There were about 3,000 entries, all told. Holy crap. Seriously.

Just to reassure you, I was aware of all entries on blogger, Goodreads, Tumblr, Twitter, and even some pleading people from Facebook and e-mail who couldn't get their comments to work. So, just because no one was selected from a particular platform, that's just the luck of the draw, not because I forgot about you.

I loved hearing about your chosen factions versus the factions you grew up in. There is often a discrepancy, isn't there? I would have been born in Candor, probably, but would have chosen Dauntless. Or Abnegation. Oh, who knows, we're probably all Divergent.

I'm going to post the name + the entry so that you know who it is.


Vicky C
OmG! Omg! Omg!!! I N-E-E-D to read Insurgent.
I would've probably been born into ERUDITE because my family is big on committing yourself to studying and the importance of knowledge, so that's how I was raised.
I would choose to transfer to AMITY because I believe in kindness, forgiveness and that it is important for people to try to leave in peace with each other.
Thanks so much for the international giveaway!! (I'm from Argentina)

I think I'd be born into Amity. And I'd like to think that I could be in Dauntless, but truthfully, I'd probably die in initiation soooo...I'd either stick with Amity or switch over to Erudite. Can't get enough of them books! P.S. I love Divergent and everything about it, by the way. I would probably cry if i won this. Tears of joy, of course :) Thanks for the giveaway!

I would have been born into Candor. But I wouldn't be able to stay because lying is to easy for me. I would like to think I could be tough enough to go into Dauntless but I know I wouldn't. And I'm not smart by any means so no Erudite. And I could never be truly selfless, so that cancels out Abnegation. And pigs will fly the day I'm truly happy and can't argue with anyone. Amity wouldn't work for me. I guess I'm a bit Divergent :)
Divergent was my obsession for weeks. I can't wait to freak out over Insurgent :)

My entry for the Insurgent ARC giveaway- I would have been born an Erudite because my folks are really smart but I would probably have switched to either Dauntless (because I am always rebelling against my parents) or Candor ( because lying my pet peeve) :) Thanks for running this giveaway x 


Congrats, guys!

WINNERS, please e-mail me at veronicarothbooks[at]gmail[dot]com with "The Giveaway of Many 4s" in your subject line so that I can find you. I'll get your mailing address from you there. 

TO THE REST OF YOU, please do not despair. There are only three weeks left until the book comes out. (In the US and the UK, that is. Which means: international ordering, if you're desperate and don't live in the US or the UK!) And thank you so much for entering.


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